# Home Welcome to Javalent's Plugins for [Obsidian](https://obsidian.md "Obsidian"). You know 'em, you love 'em, now here is how to use them. ## The fantasy system With the Fantasy System of Plugins, you can enhance your Table Top Roleplaying experience in Obsidian. - [[Initiative Tracker|Initiative Tracker]] - Helps you keep track of encounter initiative, as well as current encounter Health and Conditions. - [[Dice Roller]] - Allows you to keep set up many forms of customized dice rolls within Obsidian. - [[Fantasy Statblocks|Fantasy Statblocks]] - Allows you to quickly generate detailed bestiary data, and augment them on the go. - [[Leaflet/Leaflet|Leaflet]] - View real and fantasy maps within Obsidian. In using these plugins in with your notes, you can create a dynamic and immersive world for your roleplaying adventures. Whether you're tracking character stats as a player, managing world-building details as game master, or keeping a detailed timeline of events as a writer, these plugins help provide the tools you need to bring the Valantasy to reality. > [!quote] "It's ***Valantasy***, Mike-hale!" - *A Nameless Magician* ## Practical plugins In the Practical Plugins group, you can augment your Obsidian environment with quality of life tools that feel like they are core features. - [[Admonitions|Admonitions]] - A plugin that enables you to create visually appealing callouts that have the stability and functionality of a code block. You may come across some examples of these callouts on this website. - [[Utility plugins/Second Window|Image Window]] - A reliable way to display content on a second screen from Obsidian. While the core function is built-in to Obsidian, it has certain limitations that are not present in Image/Second Window. - [[Markdown Attributes|Obsidian Markdown Attributes]] - A plugin that allows for a greater range of targeted CSS styling using markers like `{ .class }` and `{ id=example .myclass }` within notes. - [[Utility plugins/Settings Search|Settings Search]] - A simple plugin to search settings in Obsidian.